Stoke Travel - Van Surfari


The Stoke Travel Van Surfari is not like anything you would have ever done before. Imagine a sh*t loada people travelling around France and Spain surfing all day and getting boozed all night. It is something that only a handful of surfers actually get to do with so many people. However, Stoke Travel have made it possible - for the last 15 years to be precise. You will travel around to the best surf breaks going through Spain and France staying in tents which the staff will put up for you each evening.


Check out the food in the images above and you will see that even on the road amazing grub can be cooked up. The Stoke Travel staff not only set up your tents but also put on a great array of dinners each evening, make continental breakfasts and assemble all your ingredients to make lunches. Who said that camping and travelling was such hard work?


After 15 years of summer road tripping, the Stoke Travel crew certainly know which bars to hit and the events not to miss. Also, they offer unlimited beer and sangria for 10 Euros a day so there is always a party when you are on the Van Surfari.

Surf Equipment + Lessons

The Stoke Travel crew treck all the gear around to each new location through the week. They have a range of beginner and intermediate boards. They can offer wetsuits however take the approach of 'it's summer baby, who needs a wetty'. So if you have one then maybe chuck it in the bag. Not only do the Stoke Travel Van Surfari staff drive you to each location, pitch your tent, cook your food but they also are pretty handy at instructing too. So this trip is suitable for everyone and anyone.