Red Star Surf - Surf House Casa del Mar


Only a road separateds the Surf house Casa del Mar from the ocean and Famara beach. The Surf house offers a range of accommodation incuding double and twin rooms. The surf house shared bathrooms. Like Casa 55, this house has a fully equipped kitchen and lounge with a big flat screen TV. There is an outside patio on the other side of the house where you can store surfboards.


Red Star Surf does not offer meals - however, there is a supermarket within the town, and with a fully equipped kitchen it will not take long to russle up something delicious. Alternatively, there are many restaurants in the local area for you to take a pick from.


The houses have been known to hold a party or two! However, Famara is a rather sleepy town so nightlife is not the centre of evenings. Saying this, a taxi ride to the south of the island (45mins-1hr) will see you in the heart of the 'package holiday' parts of the island with many pubs, clubs and bars. Definitely worth the visit at least once on a trip.


Surf Lessons + Equipment

Red Star Surf offer an unbeatable set up on lessons. The house is only a few minutes walk from the main beach in the area where all begginner and intermediate lessons are run from. Lessons tend to be around 4.5 hours a day - broken up in to morning and afternoon classes. They also offer advanced lessons and surf guiding too!