Lapoint - Morocco


Lapoint surf house in Morocco is situated just off the main road that runs through Taghazout. Lapoint offers a range of accommodation incuding private and shared rooms. There is Wifi in the house and has amazing views from its terraces. The first terrace is used for eating and yoga. The second at the top of the building has been turned in to the ultimate chill area. Beers and vibes for dayssss.



Lapoint use the cafe and kitchen which is located on the ground floor of the building for their meals. They offer a fantastic arrange of breakfasts and dinners. This includes traditional berbere meals and a BBQ on the terrace. Shops are very close by but don't expect them to be stocked with the usual Tesco products.

Lessons + Equipment

Lapoint offer a range of lesson options. They divide them in to different levels depending on your surfing ability. With fantastic qualified instructors you will be wizzed along to the best beaches and breaks Morocco has to offer - whether that be sandy bottomed beaches for beginners through to gnarly barrels. 



Aside from the parties that the Lapoint travellers bring (fueled by the beer fridge at camp) there is actually nightlife in the area. In fact, there are actually multiple nightclubs- you could almost call it a strip...  in Agadir.  Expect European dancefloor anthems to be mixed in with Moroccan classics. An interesting night none the less.